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Wow… it’s been since November??

Hello world,

It’s obviously been a long few months since I last posted in November. I have a lot to catch everyone up on. So, here’s how Nanowrimo went:Nanowrimo 2015

I decided against all possible reason not to quit and keep writing. By a major miracle, I managed to write 39,000 words in ten days and won. You can see the graph on the right.

Never give up.

I’ve very pleased with myself, but also horrified slightly about how stubborn I can be. Nonetheless, mission accomplished, and I have a new Krueger novel to edit this year. I don’t recommend this approach to Nanowrimo. Read the rest of this entry

Website getting updated

I’ve been busy recently in my writing life working on Cursed Necropolis: Washington, DC, but in the meantime, I’m having some much needed upgrades done on the website. The banner above has changed and includes the cover art for HeroNet Files, a superhero anthology that includes a story that I wrote, along with my fellow Blue Oranda authors, Wayland Smith and Dara Hannon. Speaking of which, Dara Hannon’s urban fantasy novel, Broken Faith, is also currently free on Smashwords this month with the same coupon as  Souls of the Everwood.


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