Monthly Archives: April 2016

Updates for April

While I’m eagerly anticipating the ebook release of The Pitchfork of Destiny on Tuesday, I received some unfortunate news. The Virginia Voice fundraiser will not be taking place on April 10th. Several members of the Hanover Writers Group as well as some good people at Virginia Voice worked very hard on the event, but it wasn’t meant to be. I’d still encourage everyone to at least visit the Virginia Voice website ( and be aware of the good that the organization does.

As half of Jack Heckel, I’m working on the first book in our new series – The Dark Lord. We are hoping to do to epic fantasy what Charming and company are doing to fairytales. This doesn’t mean that The Charming Tales are coming to an end, only that we want to expand our horizons and try some other things. Read the rest of this entry

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