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Happy Halloween and Nanowrimo Eve

Happy Halloween to everyone! I plan to go trick or treating with my daughter who will be Doctor Who. I really should have painted a large cardboard box blue and followed her around as a Tardis. Afterward, I’ll try and take a nap before watching the clock so I can start on Nanowrimo 2013.

I’m very happy that WordPress has chosen to include me in a writer’s roundtable on Nanowrimo. They quoted me in an article  – Additionally, they will have some more quotes on the Daily Post.

Final preparations for Nano beginning will include going to and making sure I’ve updated my information and accepted buddy requests. Smashwords, an e-book retailer, has a special nanowrimo promotion  going on, and I may sign up and participate in that. They e-publish your nanowrimo book and promote it. Here’s the link. Beyond that, I’m probably going to do some outlining (mentally at least) and write the first scene of my novel in my head.

At the moment, I’m planning on doing a superhero piece this month inspired by several friends and lots of old Hero System Champions games. We’ll see what ultimately happens after midnight tomorrow.

Be safe trick or treating! Happy Nanowrimo prep to all!


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