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Free E-Books Through March 9th

February went by in a blur. My apologies for not blogging, but I’ve been busy with work and rewrites. I keep having ideas on what to blog  at all the wrong times.

Anyway, there is a promotion on Smashwords that runs through March 9 (this Saturday) which includes two of my books, In the Service of the King and Souls of the EverwoodIf you create an account and enter RW100 on checkout, you can get them for FREE. I’ve linked them above and you should be able to search by title or author’s name. Free is good, especially for people who check my blog. These are only e-books and for a very limited time.

Additionally, a friend of mine, Brad A. White, has one of his books, Servant of the Muses, entered in the same promotion, and my good friend Wayland Smith has one of his books, In My Brother’s Name, about a terrorist attack on DC, on a 50% off promotion at the same site.

Everyone dealing with winter weather be careful out there.

All the best,



Souls of the Everwood published!!

Happy Friday the 13th to everyone!

I’m pleased to say that Souls of the Everwood was appropriately enough, published today. It’s currently available on Smashwords in most e-pub formats here. It’s also available as a .pdf on DriveThruFiction here.

Thank you everyone for all the support and encouragement. It’s been exciting seeing these novels come to life.

It should be on Kindle within the next 24 hours, and in print through Amazon as well as in the Apple store and the B&N e-store in the next few weeks.

All the best,


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