“Don’t buy this book” and other writing updates

As I start to write this, I have 17 minutes left of the one year publication anniversary of Once Upon a Rhyme. With the possible exceptions of Umbra: The Velvet Shadow (my first major roleplaying book) and Sons of Fenris (my first published novel), nothing has had a larger impact on my writing life. Since that day, I’ve been a guest at the New York Comic Con, a guest at my local game and sci-fi/fantasy convention RavenCon, had a sequel published (Happily Never After) and written a third book, Pitchfork of DestinyI’ve had other works at least be considered in the office of a major publisher, and it appears likely that I’ll have a new series start in 2016.

What a year!

And on August 25, 2015Fairytale Ending, Jack Heckel has another book – A Fairy-tale Ending! And that’s the one that I want to warn everyone about. If you own Once Upon a Rhyme and Happily Never After, please DON’T buy that book! It is a collection of those two books together in one place, and hopefully in a month or two, it will be released in paperback. I just don’t want anyone getting confused and thinking that it’s the third in the series. That will be Pitchfork of Destiny coming in December.

However, if you know someone who hasn’t read the series, please recommend A Fairy-tale Ending, because it contains both books, and a cool map along with some additional editing. If they haven’t started the series, it’s a good way to be caught up on everything. I guarantee that they will laugh.

I also want to thank everyone who has helped me over the years to keep writing. So many of you have inspired me and continue to do so. Thank you.

So, while the release of another Jack Heckel book is certainly the most significant thing in my writing world, there is news on several other fronts:

  • Book 2 of the Crimson Hawks has a green light from Blue Oranda. Finally, the world will once again behold the power of rope!
  • Covenant, a Christian science-fiction novel of mine is now free to look for a publisher.
  • I’m working on another freelance project and will reveal more in the upcoming months. (There are some NDAs out there right now).
  • I attended a meeting of the Hanover Writer’s Club and had a spectacular time.
  • There may be a column partially about my writing in an upcoming issue of the Herald-Progress in Ashland, Va.
  • I’ve outlined Book 3 in the Krueger series.
  • Rigel and Freedom Squad are getting closer and closer to publication.

Once again, thanks for reading.

All the best,


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