Camp Nanowrimo for July

So, I took the plunge and I’m trying to write 31, 000 words during the month of July. Unlike Nanowrimo in November, I’m not starting a new novel, but rather trying to finish up an old one.

The Lantern, as I call it, was originally started way back around 1995. The original version read a bit like Harry Potter, but then Harry Potter came out, so it was rewritten. I worked on it quite a bit around 2009-2010, but I’ve done only a small amount every year since.

It’s an epic fantasy story about a young man named Polaris, a prince and the son of a hero, whose father disappeared when he was nine years old. His father placed a magical lantern next to Polaris’ bed, a light that wouldn’t go out, to keep away monsters. At the beginning of the story, Polaris is eighteen and has to present himself to the high king to be invested as ruler of his land, which also means that his father’s death will be officially recognized.

But Polaris isn’t ready to give up on his father and wizards are having visions of the end of the world.

I need to work on a better summation, but I’ve enjoyed writing the book over the years. It’s currently over 100,000 words and I hope to give it a solid jump start this July.

One of the more interesting things about Camp Nanowrimo is the cabin. I’m grouped with 11 other writers all working on their own books. Many of them are young according to their profiles. Some of them are from the other side of the world, but I’m hoping that I can help all of them be successful.

All the best,


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