Still Fighting for Nanowrimo Victory

I looked up and suddenly realized that it was November 22, and despite my best intentions, I hadn’t even posted anything in two weeks, much less kept the updates flowing on my Freedom Squad book. So what happened? Well, it was a combined force of my day job, plus a nasty set of allergies and/or cold attacking me (I can’t quite decide which). Basically, I’ve felt miserable for the last two weeks and since I do QA work, I need to sleep in order to pay attention to details. Having said that, I’ve gotten a lot accomplished, particularly this week as I’ve been feeling better.

So, I have more Freedom Squad chapters, about 13 which haven’t been posted. I’ll try and put one up tomorrow. I’m near 30,000 words as of this writing which puts me about 6,000 words off the pace. That’s not good, but I refuse to give up. For me, one of the reasons that I do National Novel Writing Month is to find out just how much I can write and juggle the rest of my life. I’m not done yet.

For anyone else trying National Novel Writing Month who has experienced the unexpected, the unexplained or simply been slammed with life, even if you are so far behind that there is no way you can catch up, I encourage you to try your best. Don’t worry about 50,000 words. Worry about the next paragraph. Get through the next scene or the next chapter. Keep going. I guarantee that in December you’ll have something fun to edit and add to.

To everyone who has begun validating and finished their 50,000 words, huzzah! Congrats! Now, keep going and finish the book if you aren’t done or start editing and rewriting. I find for myself, the initial writing phase is maybe a third of the work. It might even be less than that. I don’t enjoy editing, but I really enjoy how much better my writing gets around the third edit.

The biggest thing in my life is that on Tuesday, November 25, Book 2 of the Charming Tales is published! I can’t wait for Happily Never After to become a reality. My sister read the first book, but she got upset with me that it ended with a cliffhanger of sorts. I’m hoping she’ll enjoy the sequel and find that it has a fitting end.

Anyway, I’m going back to the computer tonight and writing what I have in me. One paragraph at a time, one scene at a time.

I hope November’s been good to everyone. If you’d like to share any thoughts you have about National Novel Writing Month or Happily Never After. feel free to comment.

All the best!

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