Nanowrimo – FS Vigilance Chapter 1

More fun from the fast paced writing world of Nanowrimo…

Chapter 1

Rigel would rather have been fighting a dozen supervillains instead of facing the high-rise inferno in front of her. Flashing red lights and sirens surrounded her as dozens of firefighters worked together. The police were on the scene as well, keeping crowds and the press back. There were so many distractions, but she had to keep working.

She closed her eyes and focused, using her yoga breathing to stay calm, breathing in through the nose and out through the nose. As she relaxed her body, her mind continued to race.

Using her telepathy, she was trying to coordinate her team amidst the flames and smoke while attempting to locate the minds of anyone trapped inside. Protector was staying close to a group of firefighters inside the building, using his shield to protect them not only from the debris, but from the heat and even the poisonous gases. She shook her head slightly, as she recalled him telling her that he had no powers.

Nightstar had teleported to a higher floor where Rigel had sensed a mind. Although he appeared human, Nightstar didn’t need to breathe the way most people did. She vaguely wondered about what his world must have been like, before returning to her focus. He was almost in the right place.

Nightstar, the person should be through the next door on the left.

She felt more than heard his response. He was on his way.

Snowfall and Solaria flew around the building, with Snowfall using his ice powers to try and keep the building cold enough to stop the spread of the fire and Solaria attempting to use her flame to steal away the oxygen from the areas where it was raging. All the while, Rigel kept directing them to stay out of the way of the ladder crews and to avoid areas where people might still be trapped.

Her communicator beeped. “Rigel, this is Ion. Do you need any of the rest of us?”

Rigel wondered how symphony conductors managed their orchestras. She directed Snowfall to land. Use your ice to help the burn victims and assist the paramedics. Nightstar had rescued someone. The upper floors seemed clear. Protector was keeping the firefighters safe.

“Ion… Velocity’s with his family, Rockslide… no, someone has to be on monitor. Um…”

“You’re distracted doing that mind thing with everyone.”

She sighed. “Yes.”

“Okay, we’re holding the fort. Ion, out.”

The ground seemed to be moving beneath her boots. Rigel blinked. She had sweat in her eyes. I can do this. Keep scanning for minds. Don’t leave anyone behind. She kept extending her senses, reaching through the flames searching for lights that indicated a mind. She touched the firefighters one by one, and then she felt the familiar determination of Alex, the Protector. There was a child with him, a little girl in his arms.

Rigel had no doubt that Alex would keep the child safe.

“Where do I go next?” asked Nightstar.

She realized that he was standing beside her. “I don’t know,” she managed. “We may be okay. Wait…”

There was another mind on the 12th floor, hiding in a bathroom. Rigel reached out and tried to get an image. She gasped. “Nightstar, I’m sending you an image. 12th floor – teleport there.”

“Got it,” he said, and with that, his gleaming blade sliced a hole in reality. He stepped into it and vanished.

“Rigel, we need the flame woman out of the way,” shouted a fireman.

“It’s Solaria, and I’ll let her know.”

Solaria, they need you to move. Can you help with the paramedics?

Solaria’s thoughts came back. She was on her way down.

Rigel needed to check in on Alex. Protector, how much longer?

She heard him think back. We’re almost out. I took off my oxygen and gave it to a child we rescued. It’s just a few more steps down. Is there anyone else?

Rigel trembled. Nightstar’s got the last one I can find. I’ll keep checking. Nightstar? Are you out?

We’re out, but she’s hurt and won’t let me go. I’m getting help.

Rigel nodded. She kept scanning the building, searching for anyone, even the faintest flicker of life. She felt something. Nightstar! There’s another.

Nightstar sliced another hole in reality as soon as she telepathically fed him the location. She sensed confusion.

Nightstar, what is it?

It’s a cat, came the response. But he’s going to be safe.

Rigel gasped. She didn’t think there was anyone else, and her head hurt too much for her to keep going. She tried to breathe, but air wasn’t coming into her lungs. Then, the tunnel vision struck.


Her knees buckled, and she felt her body go limp. She waited for the impact of the pavement, but instead she felt strong arms holding her up.

“Sorry Rigel,” said Ion, “but what I meant to say was that Starlight was going to hold down the fort, and I was going to use my speed to race over here in case you needed help. But since you couldn’t form complete sentences, I decided to forego that part in case you wanted to argue.”

Despite her exhaustion, Rigel chuckled. She could breathe now. Her vision was coming back. “Thanks for the support.”

“Anytime,” said Ion. “Can you stand yet?”

“Yes, I think so, but stay close.”

“Will do.”

They walked over to the fire chief. Rigel ran a hand through her hair. Ion kept a hand on her shoulder. She still felt unsteady. “I can’t sense anyone else in the building.”

The chief nodded at her. “We’re going to keep checking. We appreciate your team’s help. I’m impressed that you didn’t get in the way.”

“Thanks.” Rigel laughed. She wasn’t sure if it was because of the backhanded compliment or exhaustion, but she found the situation amusing. “We’ll stay as long as we can be of assistance. Two of my team members, Solaria and Snowfall, are trained paramedics.”

“Stay around. If something collapses, I don’t mind having superheroes to help. By the way, are you alright? Did you inhale some of the fumes?”

“It’s just fatigue. Using my telepathic powers to try and find people is exhausting. I’m more practiced with my telekinetics.”

“Well, if you feel weak or need some oxygen, go visit the paramedics.”

“Yes, sir,” she said.

With Ion’s help, she found Nightstar and Protector. Solaria and Snowfall were rather busy helping treat victims. She watched the firefighters continue to work.

“Those are the real heroes.”

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