Life After Nanowrimo 2013

Most years after I’ve finished Nanowrimo, I take a few days to exhale. Oftentimes, I’m completely exhausted from trying to write so much in such a short period with everything else that life throws at me. I usually don’t get anything written in December. Sometime in February I catch my breath and do rewrites.

This year, life has been crazy. I’ve got a number of projects for Mummy: The Curse and I’ve been desperately writing another superhero piece called Hidden Strengths for HeroNet Files. Of course, there’s also holidays and life to deal with.

So, the good news is that I’ve kept my momentum and written over 17,000 words since the end of Nanowrimo. The bad news is that I’ve haven’t written any posts that I’ve wanted as follow-ups to Nano. I’ll see if I can’t fix that. Til then, happy holidays to all!


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