Halfway to the End of Nanowrimo (and I’m behind)

Congratulations to everyone doing Nanowrimo! We made it to the halfway point.

Halfway to the End!

Halfway to the End!

As everyone who has been watching the blog knows, I’ve mostly been posting chapters from my current Nanowrimo effort. I’m torn about whether I should continue or if it’s just distracting. Please feel free to comment and chime in.

I’m currently behind (22,007 words vs 25,000 target), but not terribly so. In fact, I’m usually much further behind at this point in November. Here’s what I do to get back on track:

1) Outline – make sure I know where I’m going. I write much faster when I don’t have to think about what to write.

2) Go Back – I know, this is anathema to Nanowrimo, but sometimes, it helps me with my word count and my focus to go back and add a description to a chapter or flesh out or even add a scene.

3) Commit to 1,667 words a day – Basically, I make sure that I will not fall any further behind. I’ll write at lunch. I’ll write in an email and send it to myself. I’ll take full advantage of everything that modern technology has given us.

4) Get some sleep – This may sound counterproductive, but Nanowrimo is a long race. Without sleep, I’m not as creative and it doesn’t work as well.

5) Ask for feedback and/or encouragement – It is amazing how much a support group can do for you.

6) Go out of order – A good friend of mine, author Wayland Smith, once told me, “Write what inpsires you.” If you have a scene in your head, go and write it even if it’s not time for it. We are writing 50,000 words, but there’s going to be a lot of work to turn this into a finished product.

7) Finally, don’t worry about the word count. Just write and have fun. If you get into your story, words will take care of themselves.

Good luck to all! Meanwhile, I’m going to see how close I can get to 25,000 words before midnight. After that, I may work on the other superhero story I’m doing, several things that I’m editing and/or some Mummy stuff…

All the best,


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