Deadlines, Deadlines

August 10th? Seriously? Is that really the last time I posted?

Well, unfortunately, it is. I’ve been on a deadline.

I’m working on Cursed Necropolis: DC for Mummy: The Curse. For the record, it’s gone well although slower than I’d like. I have a lot of other projects to catch up on when this is done, but I’ve had a great time writing a roleplaying supplement again.

However, great when I’m on a deadline is a relative term. My memory has been shot. I’ve been stressed like crazy (because I really want to do a good job). I’ve been distracted. A very good friend of mine had a goodbye to America dinner before she left the country to go teach. I talked to her the day before the dinner. I planned to see her, and my daughter had a small meltdown in her fencing class so I forgot about it completely.

Okay, but that’s not the bad part. I didn’t just forget for a night. I forgot for THREE days! Furthermore, I still need to write her an apology, and everytime I think about it, I decide that I’m not sure how to write it and stop. Well, she left in August, and it’s October. So, if she’s reading this, I’m really, really sorry and definitely owe you.

And this is the sort of thing that happens to me on deadline.

So, my apologies to everyone and anyone who I haven’t responded to, who I’ve forgotten and who thinks I’m not acting like myself. I promise that I’ll get better.

Wait… I just had another idea for a character… hold on, I have to write this down…

All the best,


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