It seems like a lot of my time as a writer is spent waiting, caught between hope and fear about my writing. Currently, Charming, is still being reviewed at the publisher to see if it will be published. I’m extremely excited and nervous, hoping to hear one way or the other, unable to move forward and not wanting to go back. It could be months still, and I don’t begrudge a major publisher a minute of that time, so I wait.

On the other hand, I suddenly have a deadline for Mummy: The Curse and the superhero anthology I’m working on, tentatively called the HeroNet Files #1. So, while I’m waiting, I’m also rushing to make sure everything gets done for those projects. I’ll get to wait after the editors get their hands on both of those and hope things work out well.

The second Krueger book is now out of my hands. Balefire and Brimstone should be coming any day now. I’d love it if I had an announcement before the end of next week. And to think that at one point, I was shooting for Halloween 2012 for that one. My apologies for keeping all of Krueger’s fans waiting.

I promise that the Hawks are going to be the full focus of my attention once the deadlines pass.

And I’m proud to note that my grandfather’s book now comes up first in Amazon when you enter “Harry Heckel.” I wonder how many other people have their first book published at age 97.

I hope everyone is well, and I’m keeping the people of Oklahoma in my prayers.

All the best,


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  1. Use your “Devilish” charm and get those publishers to hurry up 🙂

    Go Harry Go!

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