National Novel Writing Month – Chapter 5 of Son of Helios – new ending

Okay, well one of my characters yelled at me, so I changed the end of Chapter 5. These things happen. 🙂 Here’s the new ending below.


“Of course, I’m coming. As you said, we’ve been friends forever. I can’t leave you.”

“Achelos, you don’t have to do this.”

Achelos smiled. “You’re right, and thanks, after all, Furies? Egypt or Khem or whatever they call it? They have people there with animal heads. I’d be lost. Not to mention having to travel across the sea to get there. You have pirates, sirens, even mad sorceresses and Cyclopes living on the islands if the stories are true.

Peleus chuckled. He wanted Achelos to come with him, but he understood. Leaving Corinth was madness. “Thank you, Achelos. I’ll miss you, my friend.”

Achelos raised his hand. “Hold on. What I was saying is that with that much stuff out there, that much danger, well, someone has to keep you out of trouble.” With an exaggerated sigh, he said, “And the Fates have decreed that it will be me.” He grinned.

The two men grasped forearms. “We are soldiers, we are brothers, we are Corinth,” they said together, repeating one of the many phrases said by the phalanx.

Peleus and Achelos headed for the Egyptian ship. It was time to leave.

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