Charming done – Nanowrimo on the horizon

Great news on the writing front. Charming was successfully submitted to Harper-Collins Voyager, so we’ll see how it does. I’ll either have some good news in the next three months or not, but in any event, the rewrite is done. Blue Oranda is happy to wait in the wings, so one way or another, I plan to see Charming in print next year.

November is coming and that brings National Novel Writing Month. Both the Krueger and Crimson Hawks novels were born during this annual event, and I plan to participate again. I’m considering posting as I strive to complete 50,000 words and take everyone with me on the journey, but we’ll see. My first goal is to complete the novel, and I don’t want everyone to drop me on twitter.

I’d strongly recommend participating to anyone out there. It’s difficult but fun. I failed in my first attempt in 2008, but I’ve succeeded in every year since. It’s improved my writing, and it’s helped me to learn how to be productive.

My apologies for so few posts this month, but I’m hoping to post a lot more in the next two weeks. I’m also looking at updating the website and blog (including adding more pictures).

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Good luck with NaNo this year! 🙂

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