A Touch of Reality and a Big Thank You!

Hi everyone,

My apologies for not writing over the Labor Day weekend. I hope everyone had a good time, especially the folks at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA. I haven’t been in too many years, but perhaps I can arrange things for next year.

In the meantime, I’ve gone through a major change in my life. I left the company where I’ve held a day job for the last seven years and set out on a new chapter in my career. The new place is working out well as I go through orientation and the people there are great. However,  I want to give a shout out to all the people at my old company for a wonderful going away party.

I have rarely felt as appreciated as I did during the going away happy hour that my friends held. Everyone, co-workers in my current department (IT), friends from my former department (Concierge) and everyone else from across the business, including several former co-workers who came out made me feel fantastic. I want to give a special shout out to a lady named Mary who organized the affair. Thank you all!

The finale came the next day when I left the building for the last time. One of my co-workers, a gentleman, scholar and renaissance man named Bruce Frostick surprised me with music when I drove away. I always imagined leaving a job with something like I’m Already Gone by the Eagles playing. Well, Bruce is a master of the accordion, and so I walked away with the sounds of the accordion playing. Here’s his website.

Truth really can be stranger than fiction.

All the best,


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  1. As someone who has worked with you in all your capacities at AGA, you will be sorely missed.

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