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CMON Expo 2015


After winning at Zombicide

I’ve been fortunate to be visiting the CMON Expo in Atlanta, GA. It’s been a break from real life and a chance for me to play games for a weekend. My thanks to Cool Mini or Not for the invite and my wife and daughter for being great about my attending. Read the rest of this entry

New York Comic Con Journal

Bishop O’Connell’s trip to New York Comic Con last year, which includes video of my panel with him. I had to figure out how to be Jack Heckel. 🙂

A Quiet Pint

I was invited to attend this year’s New York Comic Con, and be on the “Not Your Mother’s Fairytale” panel, along with Harry Heckel, another Impulse author (half of Jack Heckel) I’d met previously and gotten along famously with. Now that I’ve caught my breath, here is a journal of my adventure and experiences. Spoiler alert: it was utterly mind blowing.

Harper had events lined up for those of us attending the Con, starting with a get together on Thursday night. Readers and buyers from some bookstores would be in attendance, so I wanted to be there. Since I still have a day job, I couldn’t fly until Thursday night, but I was assured arriving a little late wouldn’t be a problem. I’d never been fashionably late to anything, so I was looking forward to it. I’d managed to get a direct flight, but of course the plane…

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Okay, sometimes it’s just your duty to the superheroes of the world to post a link. This time it’s my duty. If you like Arrow or The Flash on CW, click here. Enjoy.

Sothis Ascends

On April 1st, Onyx Path published Sothis Ascends for Mummy: The Curse. I can honestly say that it was one of the most enjoyable projects that I’ve done. So, fair warning, I’m going to be a bad author and gush about my own product. I can’t help it. I’m very proud.

First of all, I love the cover.

Sothis Cover

In Mummy: The Curse, characters endure cycles where they wake with little memory and great power, but over time as they recover their memories, their power wanes. It’s an analogy for life. As we gain wisdom and experience over time, we eventually have to face that our abilities decline.

Sothis Ascends allowed me to reach back to my days at American University and draw on some of my ancient history studies. I was able to write about ancient Egypt and spend time perusing all sorts of wonderful history books in the process. The interesting and frustrating thing about ancient history is how much we really don’t know. Archaeology helps immensely, but even those discoveries leave us wondering and speculating about their meaning. Nonetheless, I was able to spend time rediscovering the Phoenicians, visiting Canaan and of course, exploring Egypt.

My favorite section to write was on Storytelling. With immortal characters in Mummy: The Curse, Storytellers can run sessions with flashbacks or even set entire sessions in the past. I was able to unleash my inner Gallifreyian (a Doctor Who reference for any non-Whovians out there), and give guidelines for telling stories and setting chronicles that warp time where events of the present impact the past and struggles in ancient times could determine the fate of the future. It was invigorating to draw on techniques that I had used running my own games in fantasy worlds with rich histories and with the past lives of werewolves and the dim memories of vampires.

There are twisted new antagonists for mummies in the book from each of the different eras. Without ruining anything, they are creative and interesting. Even though they may be assumed to be gone in the present, I can come up with dozens of reasons for their return. All of the authors did a great job, and a special thanks to Colin Suleiman for his development work and inspiration. So far, it has two five star reviews and four five star ratings. There is material in this book that could be useful for any World of Darkness game.

Again, it was a fun project.

Sothis Ascends is available in pdf format (print coming soon) at DriveThruRPG. Here’s the link.

RavenCon 2015

Hi everyone,

I’ve been away from the blog for too long between writing and allergy season (which deserves a blog post all its own). I wanted to let everyone know that I will be a guest at RavenCon in Richmond, VA over the weekend. Check out for details of the event. I’m looking forward to getting to meet lots of people and seeing some old friends.

All the best,


The Quest for the Pitchfork of Destiny

An update from the world of Jack Heckel. Thanks for continuing to check my site and being patient as I work on the Charming Tales.

Jack Heckel

Happy March!

I’m pleased to announce to the world that Pitchfork of Destiny (available for pre-order on Amazon), Book 3 of the Charming Tales, has made it into the hands of our editors. We fell quiet during the first part of the year because we’ve been heads down dealing with what happens when the Great Dragon of the North, Volthraxus, soars down into the Kingdom of Royaume to discover that Magdela, the Great Wyrm of the South, has been vanquished.

There’s a lot to catch up with, so hopefully, everyone will see more posts in the days and weeks to come. The word count for Pitchfork of Destiny came in around 98,000 words, but it will likely end up around 80,000 once it’s been properly edited.

I want to thank everyone who participated in and commented on the Voyager Valentine contest. I’ve heard back from everyone (and…

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Plans for February

So, I’ve done a terrible job of blogging. Real life stepped up and intervened with work and the unexpected in the form of car trouble. John Peck and I have been heads down writing Pitchfork of Destiny trying to get it completed by March 1. I owe the world lots of Freedom Squad chapters as well.

As far as New Year’s Resolutions, I’m up to 3 games (Star Trek Attack Wing, Mousetrap, and something else that escapes me at the moment), but still at 0 on the book front and miniature front. What happened to January?

In the next day, I should have a Voyager Valentine’s Day post up on There will be some giveaways associated with it as well as giveaways on other Harper Voyager author sites.

In any event, I hope life is treating everyone well.

All the best,


Eaten by Holidays

Hi everyone,

So much for the best laid blogging plans of 2014. I hope everyone had a great holiday season. My daughter told me it was the best Christmas ever so I must have done something right. I plan to do a 2014 year in review soon as well as plans for the new year. Please comment if you’d like me to finish posting Freedom Squad.

All the best,


Across the Finish Line

I’m tired and it was a long November, but I wanted to share this with everyone…


Thanks for all the encouragement and support!

Nanowrimo – FS Vigilance Chapter 4

Still going on Nanowrimo…

Chapter 4

It felt like Nightstar and Rigel had waited for an eternity when the rest of the team reached the Freedom Flyer. Cori wondered when Velocity was going to be back. Protector, Solaria and Snowfall climbed inside.

Solaria had a towel and her red bodysuit was literally steaming.

“I was in the pool,” she said. “I can’t believe we had an alert now.”

“It actually makes the scenario more realistic,” said Protector.

Solaria rolled her eyes.

“I could try to freeze-dry you,” offered Snowfall. Despite the suggestion, the blue and white clad superhero looked as if he had no idea what to do to help his flame-powered girlfriend. Read the rest of this entry

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